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Thoughts to Ponder
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Marilyn J. Awtry
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Modern American Spiritualism
I am posting this again because it is important that the original name of the peddler as given by Mrs. Fox's son David as Charles B. Rosna is incorrect.

Recent research led me to a letter written in 1898 by Mrs. Fox's grandson to Mr. & Mrs. E. Sprague, Pioneers of Spiritualism. It is an extremely important  find as we now have the correct name of the Peddler. To preserve accurate history of Spiritualism, all previous documentation with the inaccurate name of Rosna must be corrected to "Cresmer."

Yes. David Fox claimed he received Rosna at a table-tipping seance; yet other Pioneers of that day claim receiving the peddler's name in sittings as:

  Charles Resame in 1849 by Eliab Capron
  Charles Rayn--1853 by Henry Spicer
  Charles Rosma in 1860 by Robert Owen
  Charles Rosna in 1869 by Emma H. Britten
  Charles Rosemond in 1870 by J. . Pool


The grandson wrote “that Heschire Vanhoose, Dane Bredger, Henry Lowers and others went and got a Beautiful willow and as a bard had Ben Markle and lettered before-hand for this occasion, a grave was thrown up, Tombstone set, and with as olde men of straw stood weaping over the Peddler’s grave and this is what was the inscription:
Diseased by John Bell
Aged 31 Years
Beneath here lies a peddler Dear
Whose throat was cut from ear-to-ear
Reader step light on the sod,
For if he gasps, your gone by God!"