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Thoughts to Ponder
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Marilyn J. Awtry
Spirit Intermediary
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JULY 2017                                                      Vol 7

FLORIDA is the the 90s...escape to the Northern Camps.

What have you been thinking about? Your every thought puts the energy in motion -- the thought being the cause and the result of the thought, the effect. It's a Natural Law and no one can escape the law. It operates in the same manner under like conditions.

At this time, it appears the world is in turmoil. However, we know that everything is in Divine Order -- exactly how it is meant to me.  Have you thought how all the world has come to the realization we are all one -- we all have common needs --we need each other.  Sure try going it alone, you probably can to a degree but it sure cause a lot of misery along the way. 

Have you had  someone show their true colors -- those they have kept under cover most of the time.  Revealing, isn't it. But let not your heart be troubled for as they put forth so it shall return to them ten fold. Karma is a beast when it returns the negative but it is a gift from the unseen when we walk what the Native American Indian refers to as the "Red Road" --'the spiritual path.  Some think because they go to church they are spiritual -- No way! They reap their just reward.  Thus, do not let them trouble you. Be like a duck, and let it roll off your shoulders as it rolls off their back.



​Every day offers a new beginning -- a day for you to put into motion the changes you want to see unfold. You are in control of you so take advantage of that feeling. Things can only bother you in a negative way if you "allow it!"  The next thing to consider is moving your circle. If someone has shown their real colors of negativity, you do not have to function in that circle. Move away from them for there are plenty of decent, honest spiritual folks to associate with any time you make the choice -- another natural law.

Half the year has passed. What have you accomplished?  If you have not met your desires face-to-face, its time to take action. Do not allow 'anyone' to hold you back.  Particularly Self!  You can accomplish whatever you choose. Stay in tune with positive folks and you will see things unfolding before your eyes.  It's the negative that causes the problem. Start today to make the rest of the year productive in every way.  Have you offered your services willing? If you do, you will find the unseen will multiply the energies into positive reactions.  Remember it is true that today is the first day in the rest of your life~