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Thoughts to Ponder
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Marilyn J. Awtry
Spirit Intermediary
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Jun 2017                                                      Vol 6

Although some places enjoying spring, the long hot summer has hit in Florida.  Its time to take a step back and  take time for some serious thinking. 

We find ourselves in a world of confusion, division and more negativity than anyone needs.  We have learned one vote does count. We have learned we are all in this world together and division leads to disharmony. We have learned that thoughts do create things when and idea is followed by an action.

We can change things for the better. I hear a voice saying, "Just how?"  If we start putting out love for the unloveable, putting words of a harmonic nature rather than words of anger and diversity. To that we can add, petitioning for the minds of our leaders to be touched by the highest and best of the unseen to cultivate their minds into balanced and cooperativeness. Pray for them to come to the reality of  the Golden Rule "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  Yes some are spoiled and the material and massing millions and billions may get what they think is a great life...but sooner or later the Natural Law will bring the balance needed by those facing "karmic" actions. Natural Law applies to everyone. There is no escape. They will "pay the price." Self-grandisement is a negative. Seeing only for self is a serious hazard.



It all starts with each one of us looking in the mirror and improving self.  Judge and be not judged has been a scripture that we need to understand. Buddhism teaches it beautifully. We need to search for truth wherever it may be found.  Once we have our self in balance, then we can lift our voice to the unseen invoking their help in changing the forces that love to destroy by devious actions. 

Try being the best you can be, help all you can help, always living for the right.