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Marilyn J. Awtry
Spirit Intermediary
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Time marches on.  The special Winter Season at the Spiritual-
list Church of Awareness (SCoA) is drawing to a close. However, the regular services will continue throughout the year, 

This church was founded by fifteen (15) persons in 1975 as required by the Bylaws of The National Spiritualist Association of Churches -- 43 Years ago. The parent organization (NSAC) provides guidance for all of its affiliate churches. It has held an annual convention every year since 1893 except for the one year of the serious influenza epidemic. This meeting provides opportunity for its total membership to express their opinions and vote on issues to continue to guide all affiliates in the proper direction.

The Church offers to the public Healing Services as well as regular church service every Sunday.  The weekday service is conducted on Wednesday nights. This is a regular service and also provides a time for the students of the Morris Pratt Institute (MPI) which is the educational arm of the NSAC, to demonstrate their growth.

The NSAC Ordains Ministers, Certifies Mediums, Commis-sions Healers, and grants recognition of it's teachers identi-fied as National Spiritualist Teachers.  These credentials are issued after the student has successfully completed the New Educational Course of Modern Spiritualism presented by the MPI and passing of all written and oral examinations.

The Spiritualist Church of Awareness (SCoA) also offers local courses, workshops and seminars to assist growth in the understanding of Modern Spiritualism. 

The SCoA also has activities for your enjoyment, such as the second Sunday of every month private mini-reading sessions -- Spaghetti Dinners -- A Night at the Movies -- and Funfests attended by Vendors and Mediums and Speakers, and lots more.

 You can keep abreast of the SCoAs activities by going to the website "Spiritualist Church of Awareness". Your on the correct page as the address is clear.

Know the Welcome Mat lovingly greets everyone. 


Jan.   7 - Rev Diane Davis, Cassadaga FL
Jan. 14  - Rev. Janet Nohavec, Pompton Lakes, NJ
             w/Joseph Shiel, Spirit Artist
Jan. 21  - Rev. Jeannie Lerch, The Spiritualist CoA
Jan. 28  - Joy Sagar, Cassadaga, FL  
Feb.   4 - Rev. Elaine Hagar, NSAC Executive Church
Feb.  11 - Rev. Marrice Coverson, Chicago, IL
Feb.  18 - The Potts Brothers, England
Feb.  25 - Albert & Bev Batten, Canada
Mar.   4 -  Dr. Patricia Bell, Lily Dale, NY
Mar.  11 -  Joy Sagar, Cassadaga, FL
Mar.  18 -  Rev. Jacquelyn Randall, Norwich, CT
Mar.  25 -  Rev. Marilyn J. Awtry,  Spiritualist CoA
Apr.    1 -  Rev. Graham Connolly, MSSA, Maine
Apr.   15 -  Rev. Greg Kehn, Lily Dale NY & FL
Apr.   22 -  Annette Brown, President of Spiritualist
                 Church of Awaresness
Mark your Calendar now as you won't want to miss all of the workers this Special Winter Season at Spirit-
ualist Church of Awareness a 3210 Chicksaw Trail, Winter Park,Florida.  
          Healing Service at 10:30 A.M.
          Sunday Service at 11:00 A.M.
You are welcome to join with us in the Fellowship Hall for Friendship and good food. Everyone is Welcome at the Spiritualist Church of Awareness.