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Marilyn J. Awtry
Spirit Intermediary
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It is necessary to not schedule and overtire. I do a bit and rest a bit. Twice a day, I do an exercise program of Nova Vision. The stroke borrowed part of my peripheral vision for a while. But again I am doing my part faithfully--eye exercise twice daily and after 45 sessions take three tests to check progress. I am thrilled to say after the first 45 sessions, my peripheral vision shows progress.

Sunflowers are in bloom and so am I. Enjoying my task of operating the Book Store at the Spiritualist Church of Awareness. Got a lot of new books, set up a Collectible Section and rearranged all the stock. The Fund Raiser Section has a lot of really neat items; the used book department is being re-evaluated at his time. If you are in town, do stop in. We have guest lecturers at least twice a month.

Big event scheduled for September 15 at 7:30 p.m. is a Table-Tipping Seance at the Spiritualist Church of Awareness. Seating is limited so be sure to get your registration in early.

Notice: I note someone is selling my books on E-bay and has added to the cost. If you can not get to the Spiritualist Church of Awareness or the Cassadaga Camp Book Store, contact me at - I will give you discounted price for any of my books. Thank You!click here to add text

--​August 2018

I am back -- not fully recovered but nearly there so I ask you keep me in active Healing Prayers.

It wasn't easy but they said rest was primary so I have not booked anything since October 2017. I did squeeze in one when asked to give the talk for 170th Anniversary of Modern Spiritualism on March 31st this year. Taking the suggestion of 'rest' seriously I set my first entrance back to the Podium for Science Day, August 12th....but then just recently was asked to speak in Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp on July 29th and then be the Speaker in the Colby Temple on Gala Day August 11th. So I am happy to be able to do that!

One major event cancelled was my annual summer jaunt to Lily Dale Assembly in N.Y. I take the Healing prayer line "and I will do my part seriously."

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